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3 play areas for the babes to enjoy.

The SWEET n SOULFUL hang under the huge Pepper Tree with an adjacent Jacaranda, roaming in & out of the house with beach sand beneath toes to help joint support.

The RUFF n ROWDY whoop it up in the horse arena running thru tunnel, low wading pools & short decks. They have their own DawgDay Saloon to hang out in.

The COOL n CRUISIN' hang by the main pool, swimming, spun in curiosity by the painted dragon flies & bones that shimmer in the sun. Chase battery operated swimming toys, run in play with friends & toys, or simply lounge on a futon.

The main house IS the dog house! Futon, papasan & orthapedic dog beds strewn across the floors. They run in & out, all around & plop where ever they like. On occasion, we fire up & BBQ burgers at what has lovingly been donned The PawBarks Grill by the pool. It becomes a furry good 'ol dawgdown meal. The day may call for a Swim, hike surrounding local mountains, visit ducks at local lakes & streams or run the property with other happy well behaved babes.

When you can't be home for them, whether work, vacation or other obligations~ we're here to provide the same love, safety and attention with a whole buncha fun.


making a Muddy Mess of the pool